Secure and fast data sharing

Data management between DigiDevice systems and software geared to different applications such as reaction management for mixer wagons, supervision and storage of weight data for silos and liquid tanks, supervision of data for animal weighbridges, calibration of products used in spreading with variable dose machines


DATA LOG Lite Software Digidevice
Schermate DATALOG Lite software DigiDevice

Management of Dosing Systems

Kit for data exchange with DigiDevice dosing systems

  • Formula management
  • Component management
  • Two-way data exchange
  • Consultation of planning and work data
  • Export, report and print data
  • Data transfer via CLOUD, USB or wired line/li>


CART Log Software Digidevice
Schermate CART Log Software DigiDevice

Grains Transport Management

Software for exchanging data between DigiDevice WBOX Cart systems and computers via USB memory Analysis of data with reports on PC

  • Management of Customers, Combines, Lorries, Fields
  • Name entry
  • Consultation of planning and work data
  • Export, report and print data

SILO Monitor

SILO Monitor Software DigiDevice
Schermate SILO Monitor Software DigiDevice

Management of plant with Silo

Software for remote visualisation of weighing systems, with indication of loading and unloading and execution of reports

  • Plant synoptic
  • Data consultation by silo
  • Data consultation by group
  • Data printing


LIQUID Log Software DigiDevice
Schermate LIQUID Log Software DigiDevice

Management of Milk Cooling Tanks

Software for data collection from DigiDevice WBOX Liquid systems to computer via USB memory, Data analysis with reports on PC

  • Data consultation and entry
  • Data printing
  • Report viewing/li>
  • Possibility of exporting data to spreadsheet (MS Excel™) or pdf


ZERO TAG Software Digidevice

Animal Weighing Management with Ear TAG

Data collection software for animal weighbridges with DigiDevice WIDE Zero TAG systems

  • Storage of animal identification ear tags
  • Report by animal
  • Report by group
  • Data printing


FERTI Tool Software Digidevice

Management of Variable Rate Systems

Software for data exchange with DigiDevice variable rate systems

  • Calibration management
  • Product management
  • Data reporting
  • Data printing


Connection to Weighing Systems

App for Android and iOS mobile devices for interaction and supervision of DigiDevice weighing systems

  • Instantaneous weight display
  • Repetition of product functions
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
Sofftware Tools DigiDevice

Numerous software packages are available for our customers to make configuration and parameterisation of devices even easier