Speaking a common language – that is what the term ISOBUS means in simple terms.

DigiDevice® provides ISOBUS products that communicate with different equipment through a universal language that makes machines more efficient, precise and economical. DigiDevice® offers ISOBUS-certified implement control systems and terminals compatible with all machines on the market.


The international standard ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) defines the communication between agricultural machines, mainly tractors and equipment, and the transfer of data between these machines and the software applications used on farms. It is the most important and comprehensive standard adopted to date, but it leaves some room for interpretation, which has led to the creation of numerous innovative, albeit proprietary, solutions for ISOBUS.

AEF Certified

In order to minimise this margin of interpretation, AEF draws up guidelines that complement the ISO standard by allowing precise definitions for ISOBUS functions. This provides some clarity regarding the compatibility of ISOBUS products.

What does an ISOBUS System consist of?

A modern ISOBUS system consists of various components including the tractor, terminal and equipment. It is always a question of terminal and equipment performance … and of course the options installed.